DON’T PANIC: University Essay Writing Tips

hi everyone I’m Sophie and I’m in my second year at university and today I thought I would share with you some parenting tips I’ve made some other University related videos on my channel before some tips on how to apply to University what to expect when you first go to university and then some older videos from a couple of years ago when I talked about my personal experiences and trauma with applying to University and stuff like that so I recently created a playlist called all about University with all those videos in so if you want to have a look at that I will put a link of that in the description anyway so let’s get on with essay tip so my first tip is usually with university essays you will have a list of questions to choose from or if it’s not a very long list maybe two questions to choose from the questions will be quite broad so you’ll get to choose what is that you’re writing about be it books films historical periods whatever you’ll probably be choosing the specifics of the question so my advice when choosing a question would be to think through how much you have to say for the questions so even if you read the questions like you see the first one is it oh I’d say that about that and then you start writing the essay and then you realize eternity right too much words make sure you read two of the questions and think whether you have enough points enough information research opinions on the particular topic that question my second tip would be to make sure that you start with plenty of time because usually you will have a reading or writing week and that week you can use for writing an essay although it might be tempting to go out all the time and sleep in you’ll also probably know about your essay a few weeks in advance before that as well so you have even more time to prepare pick a question do some research that sort of thing so I would suggest maybe aiming to have your essay done a couple of days before the deadline that gives you time to go back over it changes and things that you need to print it out if you have to that sort of stuff basically it’s probably not advisable to do it the night before I’m not going to lie to you in my first year first term I did do that a couple of times and sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn’t and you know you don’t really have time planned for something going wrong will really help you and if you finish early then you still have the rest of your reading week to do what you want the third tip I would give you is find somewhere where there are no distractions and you actually concentrate so if that’s your room fine but if you know your room has a TV and you know other distractions your housemates coming in sort of wanting to talk to you maybe you should go to the library finding somewhere where you’ll actually be in a productive mood and know that this is time for work well si will probably get done quicker and you’ll spend less time figure out the fourth tip and I would give you is to plan if you plan your essay in a lot of detail then it will speed up the writing process so much sometimes I can spend maybe 50 to 60% of my overall essay time on the planning and in 40% on the actual writing because if you if I plan out my Queens my argument what my conclusions going to be then I’ve been pretty much right straight away and there’s no oh what am I going to write next because you’ve already planned out so yeah it just makes essay writing a lot quicker or easier a lot less stressful if you’ve planned out already my yeah fifth tip is make sure you know what referencing moment to doing university essays do expect you to reference footnote how citations are readily Lok Rafi so make sure you know which referencing thing your course expects you to do because there are different ones at the Harvard method see reach something I think I used that one there’s a lot of different ones sometimes they say you can just anyone but sometimes the way each is a specific one usually when your university or your course will do is provide a booklet probably online of exactly what you have to reference things actually wearing further specific types of sources so make sure you know that and make sure you reference as you go along because it’s so much easier instead of writing the whole essay and on the end you have to go back through every quote and be like oh where did I get that from ah did I use that book in the library that sort of thing so it’s just so much easier to do it as you go number six is making sure you have an argument to your fa by an argument I don’t mean you’re complaining about something or you are trying to say something different someone else which you can’t do you know I mean not an argument you have in everyday life you responding to the question in reference to the works that you’re talking about whether that be films books whatever that you have an opinion in response for the question and then a way of arguing that opinion throughout the essay so that you can then prove your argument so throughout the essay you can have warned against in the end you do make a decision as to what you were awful you do have an argument it will provide a structure to your essay if it is something like an English essay do not make it purely narrative so if you are talking about a book don’t just give a summary of the plot because people can read the book for that they want an opinion on something so make sure you have an opinion and back it up with reference specific reference and quotations to the book not necessarily quotes if you’re not doing an English you type subject but evidence to support your points so that might be facts now I am an English student and a film student so I only know what is expected of those essays so I’m sorry I just sort of lie to you this is a subject that you’re doing I try to make it as general as I could and my final tip is not having because sure it’s a university essay and if it is your first university essay you might be panicking thinking our University and our university s April Fool what if I’m not good enough what if I’m not up to the university standard which is definitely something that I worried about like but I’ve just left school how can I really do University as a doing well up them they know the university know is that you just come out of school and yes you’re starting off with it but you will be surprised at how good you are so as long as you try your hardest and you look at say example essays and the marking criteria and stuff like that you’ll be able to do it and you’ll be able to get good marks so I hope this helped this wasn’t a particularly funny but you’re anything like that I just thought I would do sort of University advice videos so I’ll add this to the playlist and you should watch some other videos if you would like to if you have any other questions about essays or any of the university advise videos you would like me to do or any other videos you’re likely to do put them in the comments I love clients I don’t get enough of them anymore and I can’t see oven so I’ll be right if you like this video like it if you want to see more and you’re already subscribed please subscribe and I shall see you guys next time I